Fall. That special time of the year where our ancestors historically prepared for winter which is still practiced by many folks in our Nations. There is a special feeling in the air as fall approaches, the air is a little brisk and the leaves change color forming an interesting mosaic and paint a wonderful portrait across our territory.

This fall, Care and Protection of The Natural World staff embarked on an archery hunt for the spirited animal we call Omushkoozh. The experience was documented for a future production that will speak to the values of returning to the land. A phrase that has been repeated countless times by our elders to remind us everything we need was provided to us on the land. It is difficult to put into words the feelings one experiences once you have introduced yourself with your spirit name and offer your tobacco. This year was no different, and although the meat pole remains empty, I can safely say that my spirit and soul were well fed.

News from other corners of our territory reaching our offices is our members getting harrased by Conservation Officers in the Duck and Porcupine Mountains. It appears this government thinks it can enforce itself out of the situation they have put our resources in. As the province moves ahead granting another 20 year Forest Management License to Louisiana Pacific they continue to decimate the habitat. Their desire to harass our hunters makes it abundantly clear that they have no regard for our Rights or the Rights of wildlife.

As we all know Pallister resigned from his post as premier of Manitoba. Ironically the same week we commemorated the 150th anniversary of Treaty 2. We now have a reason to celebrate and to commemorate. The PCs have merely cut off the head of the snake and will be replacing it with another. One of the individuals vying to be the next premier has lobbied the Manitoba Wildlife Federation, a trophy hunting organization that has stood against and fought against our Rights since their inception.

There have been discussions about forming an association comprised of our land users so that we can have proper representation to defend our rights when they are attacked. As an Elder once told me, the ones that protect the Rights are the ones that exercise them. Please let us know if you see any value in such an entity. If there is enough interest from the land users in our territory we could likely host a meeting to discuss further.

We encourage our hunters to exercise caution and to practice safe hunting practices when they are out in the field. Remember there is someone waiting for you to return home safely.

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