CPNW Visits Robert and Mary Maytwayashing

CPNW staff spent an afternoon with Knowledge Holders, Mary and Robert Maytwayashing to talk about the impact of climate change as they’ve witnessed over the years. Climate change has had a drastic impact on the Anishinabek, especially those that have practiced and continue to practice the inherent rights bestowed upon them by the creator. It affects the Anishinaabe more due to the fact our lives are intertwined with Mother Earth and what affects her affects us first.

Mary and Robert agreed to participate in the Climate Change Adaptation project to share what they have witnessed and learned through ceremony. The best part of the day was drinking tea and sharing stories of our life experiences reflecting on the ancestors that have passed onto the spirit world. We spoke of the challenges we face as a community, as a nation and as individuals. We spoke of what it was like to live in Animooziibing all those years ago, although poor by today’s standards it was so rich in other ways.

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