Care and Protection of the Natural World Update – March 26, 2021

This past week CPNW has been planning the short term video production schedule for Springtime – 2021! Notably we would like to thank Elder Louie Malcolm for sharing his wisdom with us and the rest of the Treaty 2 Family by allowing us the opportunity to document the spring gathering and processing of Maple Syrup – an age old tradition passed from generation to generation.

CPNW Staff are standing by to hear when the harvesting will begin as the temperatures climb and the ice recedes! As the spring progresses we will be pursuing a much more aggressive video production schedule documenting Elder Knowledge in six communities as part of our Climate Change Adaptation Project!

Also this week we mapped the boundary of T2 territory as part of Treaty 2’s signage campaign. Also included in that work is a series of maps detailing possible signage locations in and around the Provincial and National Parks that are in Treaty 2 Territory.

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