Gaagwekwekijiiwang – CPNW Updates:

Care and Protection of The Natural World were invited to be part of the team to brief the leadership of Gaagwekwekijiiwang on the activities of our circle. The activities contained in CPNW 2020-2021 Workplan was the basis of our presentation. The Climate Change Adaption project was the focal point of our presentation as their local nation is a participant in the project.

As a result of the presentation we were asked to attend a presentation the following day at the community hall. This presentation was led by Eric Ducharme of ODK Engineering. ODK is undertaking a second Climate Adaptation project in Gaagwekwekijiiwang. The CPNW shared the scope of our own project to explore the possibility of any synergies or opportunities to partner on tasks common to both projects. It turns out that while possibly complimentary to each other the 2 projects are quite different. A Big Thank You to Chief and Council for including us in the discussions.

Watch for CPNW staff in your area. We are cautiously approaching the culmination of our phase one climate adaptation strategy which is documenting and preserving wisdom and insights passed to us by Knowledge Holders. We will be producing a documentary series in each of the participating communities. Filming has started on a limited basis and will hopefully be ramping up as Spring approaches!

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