Conservation Thru Anishinaabe Natural Law:

Treaty 2 Territory – The Anishinaabe possess laws dealing with governance, families, inter- tribal relations, and land-based laws to ensure our survival. As the original people of Turtle Island, we have been provided our original ancestral laws, teachings, and instructions in order to pursue a good life on Mother Earth. The Anishinaabek world view teaches us that everything is alive in the Natural World. Mother Earth, our 4-legged Brothers and Sisters, the winged ones, Water, Trees, Medicines, Plants, Minerals, and all other resources have counted on us for care and protection. Anishinaabek have a unique spiritual and ancestral relationship to the land and its resources and rely on these to maintain our traditional way of life. The Anishinaabe have an inherent responsibility to ensure Mother Earth, our 4-legged Brothers and Sisters, the winged ones, Water, Trees, Medicines, Plants, Minerals, and all other resources are cared for and protected. In return we were assured the mino-bimaadiziiwin.

These Natural Laws were passed on from generation to generation by our Elders and Knowledge Holders through teachings and ceremony. We have Individuals who specialize or who possess knowledge unique to their expertise and are counted on in times of need.

Care and Protection of the Natural World is working on many projects that require our Elders and Knowledge holders to pass on the information they possess. The information provided will guide us in the development of laws, policy, and curriculum. Some of the projects include development of our Wildlife Laws and the shaping of our Land Base Learning curriculum. Our very existence is based on the foundation of our Elders knowledge. Nothing we do will ever be successful without their input.

Covid 19 has put limitations on our ability to interact directly with our Elders and Knowledge Holders so we must improvise until it is safe to engage through community interaction. The questions are provided below or you may download a PDF copy to facilitate an interim process should any of our Elders and Knowledge Holders wish to pass on their knowledge. We acknowledge this is not the appropriate methodology and look forward to when we can meet face to face again.

CPNW has reached out via questionnaire to our Regional Keepers and our Local Nation Helpers to gather information from our Elders and Knowledge Holders to assist with our work by asking the following questions.

Question #1:  Can you tell us about what you recall on how the members of your nation utilized the natural resources and land?

Question #2:  Can you identify the Natural laws that were used by members from your nation? What guided the use of the land and its resources?

Question #3:  Were there specific times of the year that members harvested certain species? Was there a specific time when certain species weren’t harvested?

Question #4:  Were there specific roles for members of your nation when utilizing the land and the natural resources, roles for women, men and children?

Question #5:  Can you identify the areas that were utilized by members of your nation?

Question #6:  Do you recall if a certain resource was depleted or there wasn’t enough of a certain species?

Question #7:  How were these natural laws practiced and implemented by your nation?

Question #8:  Do you feel our current members still practice the same way you did?

Question #9:  What concerns do you have regarding our natural world and the environment?

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