Enjoying the Land and Spring Safely

Spring is here! Many people are out on the land and water practicing our inherent rights harvesting game and catching fish for the table or just connecting with the land as the ice thaws, the soil warms and the plants come back to life.

As we practice our inherent right to harvest and enjoy the warming temperatures outside the CPNW Circle asks you to please use caution when out enjoying the land.

Much of the Territory very dry. Already there have been many spring fires and it looks as though we may be in for more dry weather. Check your off-road vehicle for a spark arrestor. If you need to make fire be sure it is watched closely and extinguished completely before you leave the site.

With the ice gone from some small water bodies and ice still on the larger lakes we all need to be cautious to ensure we are not in danger on thin ice.

Please plan your excursion ahead of time and let someone know your route and when you will be home. Take appropriate clothing and dress in layers so you are prepared for rapidly changing weather conditions.
Above all we wish to see many people out and about enjoying this beautiful time of year while taking care of ourselves and our loved ones!

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